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Welcome to Manotick
Place I.D.A Pharmacy
Meet Taz, your Certified Diabetes Educator Pharmacist in Manotick, ON.
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Committed to Your Health
We at Manotick Place IDA Pharmacy are committed to provide outstanding care that exceeds expectations utilizing +20 years of experience in health care system.

Medication Reviews

We carefully review your medications for safety and efficacy.


Vaccinations & injections

We provide flu vaccines.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

We keep track of your blood pressure.

Medication Management

We help you manage your medications effectively.

Home Delivery

Hassle-free home delivery of your medications.

Health Consultations

Personalized health consultations for your well-being.

Minor Ailments Service

We will be offering this new service through appointments and can start booking patients in-person or virtually. Please call the pharmacy to inquire!

Comprehensive Vaccination Services

At Manotick Place IDA Pharmacy, we offer a comprehensive range of vaccines, including flu and COVID vaccines, along with others within our pharmacist's scope. Our vaccination services emphasize the importance of preventive care, offering our customers the convenience and peace of mind of getting vaccinated locally.

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Personalized Care for Seniors and Diabetics

Specialized Geriatric and Diabetic Care

Our pharmacy boasts expertise in geriatric and diabetic care. We offer specialized services tailored to meet the unique healthcare needs of older adults and individuals with diabetes. Trust us to provide expert, personalized care for you or your loved ones.

Medication Management

We oversee your diabetes drugs


Personalized health advice for managing diabetes.

Diabetes Support

Guidance on insulin use and glucose monitoring

Preventive Services

We offer immunizations and health checks for seniors.


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